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Want to get your health back on track?

Whether you want to shed some kilos, feel more vibrant or treat a medical condition, we can help.

Our proven, personalised treatment plans help treat over 100 health concerns, including, weight problems, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stress-related conditions and hormone imbalances.

What you get with your $99 a month Premium membership
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    2 x 15 minute Nutrition Consultations per month

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    Your own booking and calendar system - you are in control of when you book in and see your practitioner!

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    Ability to upload and store your pathology test results so you can access them anytime

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    Over 25 daily health trackers plus food diary, period tracker, mood diary and bathroom diary

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    Access to The Health Shop, with discounted health food products approved by, supplements as required, pathology tests as required and diet and exercise plans tailored to your needs Features Basic Membership Premium Membership Features
Free membership
Monthly Cost FREE $99
Me+ Page Check Check
Daily Routine trackers 5 25+
Access to The Health Shop. Check Check
Premium Membership
Monthly Cost $99/month
me+ Page PREMIUM
Daily Routine trackers 25+
Access to The Health Shop. Check
Extensive health trackers including:
+ Daily intake
+ Food diary
+ Mood and mind diary
+ Work/Life balance
+ Activity log
+ Period diary + more!
Book and manage your own private consultations at times convenient to you
Access to fortnightly nutrition consultations with a Practitioner of your choice
Access to extensive tailored treatment plans, including:
+ Practitioner-only supplements
+ Exercise plans
+ Meal plans
+ Recipes
No lock-in membership, cancel any time is with you all the time solves the challenges of availability of nutrition advice and management for regional Australia, as well as in the hustle and bustle of towns and cities.

Our health practitioners are university qualified, accredited and certified and all must complete’s development programs.

With over 10 years experience, we provide valuable solutions while operating a lower cost model than the industry average to save our clients money while still getting results.

We assess and help with the diagnostic process, and manage many different health conditions, as well as deliver consistent, evidence-based advice. We are all about focusing on positive health outcomes for our clients, we just happen to use technology to bring them about.

Our consultations are designed to create you detailed treatment protocols including meal plans, exercise routines and supplements tailored to you.

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Survey2 diagnoses and prescribes health solutions diagnoses and prescribes health solutions that are only authorised by registered and certified Nutritionists, Dietitians and Naturopaths and uses Australia’s most reputable health suppliers.

We use a structured management system to monitor prescriptions, diet and lifestyle habits on a continuous basis compared to the usual consultation management systems patients are used to. We provide research and evidence-based solutions specifically and individually tailored to each and every client, using a platform that enables accurate health monitoring and tracking which can be lost in a standard verbal-only consultation.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today! provides segmented health care for men, women and kids.

Substantial intellectual property exists in to ensure that clients are correctly assessed and treated according to a hierarchy of known linkages between ailments, symptoms and root causes. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to pick up on these often overlooked health indications. operates a substantial database of known ailments and associated treatment plans, diet plans, remedies, protocols and prescriptions.

Robbie Clark

Robbie Clark Dietitian